Constellation Foundation at Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex hosted this once-in-a-lifetime evening event celebrating the 50th anniversary of Apollo 8’s launch to the Moon & the profound influence of "Earthrise" the first image of Earth from Space.

Constellation was created in order to continue the work of sharing the astronaut experience, inspiring awe and wonder in others, and connecting people from all regions and walks of life so that our collective future (and the future of our planet) can be a manifestation of the reality astronauts have all seen and experienced from space – and that we all have seen through the iconic image Earthrise.

Constellation Foundation (Constellation) was founded by astronauts and creatives as

an organization dedicated to inspiring positive action through the profound perspective shift experienced in space through storytelling and immersive technology. Constellation uses the unifying human perspective of our planet from space to inspire hope and positive action in understanding interdependence and the need for profound collaboration and long-term thinking.

Jonlouis along with other influential space artists exhibited their artwork at a specially curated Earthrise Art Show during this event that marked the launch of a worldwide movement.

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