EMERGING WORLDS - Art Basel 2017

Worlds are real and imagined, big and small, symbolic and material. During this experience, we have gathered all forms of world shaping inspirations including art, music, dance and style that lead us beyond what we take for granted to explore new perspectives. When new experiences emerge, art bring us into them. In this exhibition, the fine arts such as music and dance were uniquely introduced by allowing us to appreciate their beauty, their eccentricity, and their power to create emotion. This ability that itself has influenced new worlds: emotions that drive, emotions that inspire.

Together the represented artists Jonlouis (left) and Caveat Owner Stacy (right,) a forward-thinking brand specializing in custom denim tailored to the creative class; have taken on the challenge of providing an extraordinary outcome for Art Basel by fusing their unique forms of art.

The exhibition and show had a sole purpose of tapping into our guests emotions. For them to experience the vision. Connecting every form of art and giving everyone an experience to talk about and preserve. A special thanks to Miami Art Mag-- for the special coverage. We had the honor of having Boisset Collection Champagne sponsor this event. Tying the evening together with the perfect energy for the fuse of arts.

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