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Carrara Marble

17" x 13" x 10"



    Introducing "Breakthrough," a one-of-a-kind sculpture meticulously handcrafted from Carrara marble by Jonlouis Gonzalez. The piece is characterized by a rough finish interspersed with polished areas, highlighting the contrast between the raw and the refined. Jonlouis’s profound interest in utilizing natural stone materials led him to the ancient art of stone carving, a discipline that is gradually fading from contemporary practice.

    "Breakthrough" is the culmination of Jonlouis’s journey in exploring diverse mediums, with stone carving emerging as his most distinctive endeavor. Employing traditional tools such as a chisel and hammer, Jonlouis has breathed new life into this timeless craft, demonstrating true artistry and craftsmanship. This sculpture stands as a testament to the enduring beauty of natural materials and the artist's dedication to preserving a dying art form.

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